1. 1 . You must do your own research.

you must do your own research to make sure you get the right vehicle for you.

Copart Website: www.Copart.com

Copart Lot locations: Copart USA Locations

In Michigan, there is five Copart locations:

    1. Copart Detroit: Sales every Tuesday and Friday starting at 10:00am
    2. Copart Flint: Sales every Wednesday starting at 10:00am
    3. Copart Kincheloe: Sales every Wednesday starting at 10:00am
    4. Copart Ionia: Sales every Friday starting at 10:00am
    5. Copart Lansing: Sales every Friday starting at 10:00am

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IAAI Website: www.IAAI.com

IAAI Lot locations: IAAI USA Locations

In Michigan, there is Three IAAI locations:

    1. IAAI Grand Rapids: Sales every Monday starting at 9:30 am
    2. IAAI Flint: Sales every Tuesday starting at 9:30 am
    3. IAAI Detroit: Sales every Thursday starting at 9:30 am

2. Set your Maximum bid amount

You must decide what is the maximum bid amount that you want to place on the vehicle, and once we submit your bid, you cannot retract, delete, or cancel your bid for any reason after the bid is placed. (Keep in mind that the bid amount doesn’t include the auction fees and it is not the final total cost from the auction)

3. You must submit a security deposit before the bid is placed

You must pay us a security deposit of at least One Thousand ($1,000) USD or 20% of the maximum bid (whichever is greater) in advance before we place any bid on the vehicle, this is to make sure that if your bid is the winning bid, you are obligated to purchase and pay for the vehicle for the stated price (plus applicable fees). You cannot retract, delete, or cancel the sale for any reason.

4. You can visit the Copart yard and inspect or preview a vehicle.

you can visit Copart facility to preview and/or inspect any vehicle offered at a scheduled sale in person.

5. If your bid is the highest bid

You must pay within one business day after the sale, the auction charges late fees if you do not pay on time.
You will be charged Storage Fees if your vehicle is not picked up on time.

6. Transfer of ownership

We will transfer ownership of your vehicle to you after the sale date when we receive the title.
We will apply for Michigan title under your name, and you will receive the title from SOS within 2 weeks by mail

7. Total cost and fees

The total cost of the vehicle will be the total to all listed fees below

Total Cost = Auction cost +Our Fees + Cost of transfer of ownership 

$250 for first $5000
Additional $50 for each additional $5000

Michigan Sale Tax (6% of the price)
Title + Registration Fees
Plate Fee (If needed)